Choosing the right attorney to represent you is the most important decision you will make regarding your injury claim, but it can also be a confusing one.

Whether you have already spoken with another attorney, or are deciding which one to contact, there are a number of important factors you should consider:

1. Integrity

It is most important to find an attorney who shares the same values you do.  All too often, personal injury victims retain counsel who only have their own best interests in mind.  We have encountered some victims who do not even know what their attorney charges, or who have no idea what their case is realistically worth.  This is unacceptable.  At the Law Office of David Hodgins, we provide clear answers and explanations to all our of clients’ questions, and work tirelessly to keep you informed of your case’s status.  We believe that we are here to represent your best interests, and want you to make the best, most informed decision you can at every stage of your case.

2. Experience

It is important to find and attorney who knows how to handle all aspects of a personal injury case.

First, you need someone who will stand up to the insurance companies for you.  Their number one trick is to try and rush your medical care and tell you that you feel better.  Obviously, it keeps the bills down and lowers the value of your claim.  At the Law Office of David Hodgins, we do not discuss your case with anyone until you tell us you have completely recovered from your injuries.  Your health is our primary concern, and no negotiations can take place until you feel better.

Second, you need an attorney who knows how to realistically value a case.  Many cases do not need to go to trial, and often, a trial is not in the client’s best interest.  An experienced attorney will know the true value of your claim, and should be able to negotiate a fair settlement.  At the Law Office of David Hodgins, we evaluate any offer to settle your claim based on hundreds of previous settlements with the same adjusters and the same insurance companies.  We will not accept anything but the best result for you.

In the event a settlement cannot be reached, you need an attorney who will fight for you in court.  Insurance companies know that many personal injury attorneys do not want to take your case to court.  It adds time, expense, and requires a skilled attorney.  At the Law Office of David Hodgins, we know it is our duty to go to trial if you feel a settlement offer is not fair, and we welcome the opportunity to zealously represent you in a court of law.

3. Value

When your case with us concludes, it is of the utmost importance to us that you feel you received excellent representation at a fair price.  We endeavor to keep our costs as low as possible and to pass this savings on to you.  We do this because it is the right thing to do.  But, we also understand that if you walk away from our office with a great result and feeling that you were treated fairly, you will come back to us in the future and tell your friends about your experience.